2015 World Championships Blu-ray



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2015 World Championships Finals Blu-Ray DVD

Performances of the top-12 scoring corps from the DCI World Championship Finals, August 8, 2015, from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. 

  • Blue Devils - "Ink"
  • Carolina Crown – “Inferno”
  • Bluecoats – “Kinetic Noise”
  • The Cadets – “The Power of 10”
  • Santa Clara Vanguard – “The Spark of Invention”
  • Blue Knights – “Because...”
  • Phantom Regiment – “City of Light”
  • Madison Scouts – “78th & Madison”
  • The Cavaliers – “Game On”
  • Boston Crusaders – “Conquest”
  • Blue Stars – “Side Show”
  • Crossmen – “Above & Beyond”

Drum Corps International adheres to copyright law and respects the intellectual property rights of artists whose works are performed by its member organizations. Periodically, edits to performances are necessary due to these video and music licensing considerations. DCI performs these edits to the best of our ability to maintain the quality and integrity of the performances while still complying with intellectual property rights and copyright law.

This DVD set contains these edits: 

• Blue Devils: approximately 60 seconds of the corps’ performance, including a pre-recorded audio segment, has been omitted

• Blue Knights: approximately 47 seconds of pre-recorded audio has been omitted

• Phantom Regiment: approximately 47 seconds of pre-recorded audio has been omitted

• The Cavaliers: approximately 2 minutes and 25 seconds of corps' performance has been omitted

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