2019 World Championships Blu-ray Set


2019 World Championships Blu-ray Set

This product is available for pre-order and will begin shipping early February 2020. 

Performances of the top-12 scoring corps from the Drum Corps International World Championship Finals, August 10, 2019, from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Two-disc high-definition Blu-Ray set.

Please note, due to copyrights and licensing, the following edits have been made:
· Carolina Crown – 3:16 of "Gabriel’s Oboe" has been omitted  
· Crossmen – :50 of "Immigrant Song" has been omitted

The Blu-ray set is licensed for sale in the United States only. We are not able to ship this item internationally.

Blue Devils  – Ghostlight
Bluecoats – The Bluecoats
Santa Clara Vanguard – Vox Eversio
Carolina Crown – Beneath The Surface
The Cavaliers – The Wrong Side Of The Tracks                                     
Boston Crusaders – Goliath

Blue Knights – …I Remember Everything
Blue Stars – Call Of The Wild
The Cadets – Behold
Mandarins – Subterra
Crossmen – Valkyrie
Phantom Regiment – I Am Joan