2017 Blu-ray Deluxe Bundle

2017 Blu-ray Deluxe Bundle

2017 Blu-ray Deluxe Bundle

Bundle contains 2017 World Champs CD and Blu-ray. Performances of the top-12 scoring corps from the DCI World Championship Finals, August 12, 2017, from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Blu-ray is a two-disc high-definition Blu-ray set.

Please note, due to copyrights and licensing, the following edits have been made:

Blu-ray/DVD sets
• Blue Devils – 0:42 has been omitted ("Stay (from 'Interstellar')”)

• The Cavaliers – 2:02 has been omitted ("On the Nature of Daylight," "The Sun's Gone Dim")

• Boston Crusaders – 2:42 has been omitted ("Wicked Game")

• Blue Knights – 2:29 has been omitted ("107 Steps")

• Blue Stars – 3:14 has been omitted ("Come What May (Te Amare)," "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend,” "Kissing You")

CD set
• Blue Devils B – :09 of pre-recorded audio has been omitted

• Spartans – 1:55 of pre-recorded audio has been omitted