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1973 Troopers
The Troopers nearly captured the 1973 title, placing 2nd overall by winning the Bugles and Marching & Maneuvering captions. Many of the corps traditions are still recognizable today, including the musical selections Ghost Riders in the Sky and Battle Hymn of the Republic, and the innovative "sunburst" drill move that blazed the trail for non-linear design.

1980 Bridgemen
Always knowing how to play to a crowd, Bridgeman brought their trademark zaniness to Birmingham's Legion field with a plethora of characters including one rather wacky duck. 1980 makred the first year the corps played "In the Stone," revered by many as perhaps the most "Bridgemen" of all Bridgmen musical selections.

1985 Suncoast Sound
Suncoast Sound's cohesive programming, style, and musical execution were on display in Robert W. Smith's original composition for the corps. Florida Suite captured the eclectic and varying moods of the region's lifestyle. Powered by a strong musical ensemble, Suncoast calmed the textures of the ballad and blistered with "the lick" in the closer.

1987 Santa Clara Vanguard
Santa Clara Vanguard won general effect and tied for 1st in brass and visual, yet finished the season in second place for the 3rd straight year. This Russian-themed show included Russian Christmas Music and The Great Gate of Kiev. Known for showmanship and tricks, the corps unveiled a hidden drumline and made a guard member appear out of thin air.

1988 Blue Devils
Blue Devils debuted black and grey uniforms and evening gowns, formally complementing a polished and sophisticated program centered on musical standards. Undefeated until championship week, this corps is remembered for its top rated hornline, balloons in Happy Days Are Here Again, and a crowd pleasing false ending featuring high note soloists.

1989 Phantom Regiment
Phantom Regiment's second place score would have secured their first title in any previous year. Winning the Brass and Visual performance captions, their treatment of Dvorak's New World Symphony is still beloved and considered by many as the best never to win. Many of the corps' traditions were on display, including the debut of the "wedge."

1990 Cavaliers
Tying for 1st in general effect and capturing 2nd in percussion, The Cavaliers took the first of two consecutive 2nd silver medals. The corps' foundation for future championships was evident with its hard driving percussion feature, innovative integration of the guard with the musical ensemble and mesmerizing drill moves like the "snake."

1990 Star of Indiana
Star of Indiana's rise to the top took a giant leap with this 3rd place performance that also garnered the corps' first of three brass titles. The corps' musical prowess was displayed in their production of Sir William Walton's complex Belshazzar's Feast and the cross formation in the closer foreshadowed greatness to come.

1992 Cadets of Bergen County
The Cadets of Bergen County's performance of David Holsinger's To Tame the Perilous Skies nearly left the corps victorious as they staged a patented late season charge. The Cadets placed 2nd overall, winning general effect, tying for 2nd in drums, and taking flight with guard members in this memorable production.

1992 Crossmen
Crossmen notched their highest placement, finishing 6th, powered by an aggressive and driving 4th ranked drumline. The first year of an innovative three-year program called Songs for Planet Earth, the corps sought to make many statements, but one was clear; the Crossmen were again a perennial powerhouse.

1995 Madison Scouts
Madison Scouts captured 4th place with A Drum Corps Fan's Dream featuring scorching Latin charts and a reprise of Malaga. The non-stop adrenaline rush and sheer power of the performance willed the crowd to a standing ovation for the last minute of the show and left everyone wanting more, which the corps would oblige with "Part Dos" the next year.

2000 Boston Crusaders
The Boston Crusaders first made championship finals in 1999 and powered their way to 5th place in 2000. Red thrilled fans with driving performances of Bolero and Day Danse. While this edition of the corps is decidedly new and improved, the crowd will tell you when they pay homage to the corps' storied past with a brief reference to Conquest.

2007 Carolina Crown
Carolina Crown's 6th place finish belies this corps' standing as an all-time favorite. Marking a coming of age, Triple Crown was the catalyst for Crown's ascent to a championship, with a signature brass sound and integrated themes. The corps' photo finish brought the crowd to their feet with rousing approval.