1992 World Championships DVD

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Camp Randall Stadium - University of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin - August 15, 1992

  1. Cavaliers (1st place-97.50)
    Revolution!, Gavorkna Fanfare, Cornish Dances, English Dances, Peterloo Overture
  2. Cadets of Bergen County (2nd place-97.00)
    To Tame the Perilous Skies
  3. Star of Indiana (3rd place-96.70)
    American Variations, Star Spangled Overture, Chester, Amber Waves, Flag of Stars
  4. Blue Devils (4th place-95.40)
    Big, Bad and Blue, Red Light, Blue Light, Cuban Fire Suite, El Congo Valiente, Fuego Cubano, La Suerta de Los Tontos, When a Man Loves a Woman
  5. Madison Scouts (5th place-93.70)
    City of Angels, Prologue and Theme, L.A. Blues, You Gotta Look Out for Yourself, With Every Breath I Take
  6. Crossmen (6th place-92.20)
    Songs for the Planet Earth, Begin, Sweet World (The Beauty of an Appalachian Morning), The Four Elements
    The Rain Forest, Journey Under the Sun
  7. Santa Clara Vanguard (7th place-91.80)
    Fiddler on the Roof, Tradition, Sabbath Prayer, To Life, Hava, Tevye's Dream, Wedding Celebration and Bottle Dance
  8. Phantom Regiment (8th place-91.50)
    War and Peace, Marche Slav, Le Marsellaise, 1812 Overture
  9. Blue Knights (9th place-90.00)
    Portraits of Aaron Copland, Billy the Kid, Corral Nocturne, Red Pony, Chorale and Shaker Dance
  10. Velvet Knights (10th place-86.60)
    Magical Mystery Tour, Brazil, Kodo Thunder, The Party's Over, Trepek, Hungarian Dance No. 2
  11. Bluecoats (11th place-84.60)
    A Day in the Life, Nowhere Man, Eleanor Rigby, The Long and Winding Road, Penny Lane, A Day in the Life
    The End
  12. Freelancers (12th place-83.10)
    Walton Symphony No. 1