1985 World Championships DVD

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Camp Randall Stadium - University of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin - August 17, 1985

  1. Garfield Cadets (1st place-98.40)
    Jeremiah Symphony, Make Our Garden Grow, Overture to Candide
  2. Santa Clara Vanguard (2nd place-97.20)
    Festive Overture, Grovers Corners, The Tenderland, Red Pony
  3. Blue Devils (3rd place-97.10)
    Liferaft Earth, Trilogy, Karn Evil 9, Emerson Piano Concerto No. 1, First Circle
  4. Madison Scouts (4th place-95.00)
    Four Score and Seven, Ballet in Brass, Rhapsody in Blue
  5. Cavaliers (5th place-94.10)
    Also Sprach Zarathustra, The Planets
  6. Suncoast Sound (6th place-92.70)
    Florida Suite
  7. Spirit of Atlanta (7th place-91.00)
    Gershwin Concerto in F
  8. Phantom Regiment (8th place-90.10)
    Symphony Fantastique
  9. Troopers (9th place-86.70)
    Symphonic Dance No. 3-Fiesta, Copland Symphony No. 3, Buckaroo Holiday, Red Pony
  10. Star of Indiana (10th place-85.80)
    Walt Disney Salute
  11. Velvet Knights (11th place-85.30)
    Peter Gunn, NBC Chimes Festival, The Storm, Final Analysis, Catching the Sun
  12. Freelancers (12th place-83.20)
    Immanuel, The Minotaur, The Island , The Forest, Bells