1983 World Championships DVD

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Orange Bowl - Miami, Florida - August 20, 1983

  1. Garfield Cadets (1st place-94.40 )
    Rocky Point Holiday, Selections from Mass
  2. Blue Devils (2nd place-93.80)
    T.O., Everybody Loves the Blues, El Muchacho Grande, One More Time, Chuck Core, A New Beginning
  3. Santa Clara Vanguard (3rd place-92.75)
    Giannini Symphony No. 3, On the Town, Appalachian Spring
  4. Phantom Regiment (4th place-91.45)
    Tchaikovsky Suite, Dance Neopolitan, 1812 Overture
  5. Madison Scouts (5th place-86.45)
    Colas Breugnon Overture, Strawberry Soup, Memory
  6. Suncoast Sound (6th place-86.05)
    Time Out, Spanish Gypsy, Casino, Aquarius, The Greatest Love of All
  7. Spirit of Atlanta (7th place-83.60)
    Los Hermanos de Bop, Blues in the Night, We Are the Reason
  8. Freelancers (8th place-81.65)
    Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Lover Come Back to Me, Introduction, 4/4 for Four, Even Now
  9. Cavaliers (9th place-80.55)
    Jade, Celebration Suite, Rendezvous, Pines of Rome
  10. 27th Lancers (10th place-79.65)
    The Orb and the Scepter, Camelot Medley, Sea Song, Danny Boy
  11. Bridgemen (11th place-77.70)
    Duke Ellington Suite, Waiting for Godot, I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good, C Jam Blues
  12. Sky Ryders (12th place-73.75)
    Home on the Range, Que Sabe, La Virgin de la Macarena, Here's That Rainy Day, Over the Rainbow